Starting from July 2022 we make it available to you laser cutting services of sheets made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, made with the help of the new modern equipment purchased by our company, brand Bodor model C3 with a 3 kW source.

It is a machine of high precision and speed with two interchangeable tables that will allow us to perform laser cutting services quickly and efficiently.

The dimensions of the work table are 1500x3000 mm, so we can cut parts with dimensions of max 1500x3000mm.


The types of materials we can charge are:
1. Sheet brass, copper, bronze - maximum cutting thickness 6 mm
2. Aluminum sheet - maximum cutting thickness 8 mm
3. Stainless steel plate - maximum cutting thickness 10 mm
4. Carbon steel plate - maximum cutting thickness 18 mm
5. Galvanized sheet - maximum cutting thickness 15 mm

We can achieve this for you laser cutting services through:
- the provision of the material by us or you can bring it yourself;
- we receive the drawings for the parts, the works you want to do and our specialists will calculate and send you an offer that will satisfy even the most demanding quality requirements.

If you have projects that involve laser cutting services for your own production or you want to expand your production by outsourcing these services, Valmix Steel is the partner you need.
Together we will achieve a sustainable and efficient partnership based on seriousness, trust and professionalism.

We are waiting for you to open the road to success together!