In the world of outdoor grills, Valmix marks a new chapter with the introduction Picnic grill, a piece of culinary art designed to enrich outdoor experiences. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, a material valued for its outstanding resistance to weather and wear, this grill is not just a piece of equipment; is a reliable partner for gastronomic adventures in nature.

Custom Design for Unique Experiences

Understanding the desire of picnic lovers to have equipment that reflects their personality and style, Valmix offers the possibility to personalize the grill with various engravings. Whether you want to add a special message for a memorable gift or print a unique design that represents you, The Picnic Grill it thus becomes an expression of individuality in the midst of nature.

Innovative Features for Comfort and Efficiency

The Valmix picnic grill is equipped with features designed to facilitate an unparalleled culinary experience:

  • The main material, AISI 304 stainless steel, guarantees durability and strength in various weather conditions.
  • Removable intermediate policy and adjustable legs, also removable, ensures adaptability and ease of transport.
  • Integrated wheels, of which two with brakes, allow a mobility excellent, regardless of terrain.
  • grill it is made of 8mm steel, resistant to high temperatures, thus guaranteeing the perfect preparation of food.
  • Foldable wooden handles not only does it add more aesthetics, but also facilitates handling safely.

Flexibility in Design

Aware of the diversity of preferences and needs, we offer our customers the freedom to choose the dimensions and shape of the grill: straight, round, oval or any other design imaginable, guaranteeing that each Picnic Grill is as unique as the moments spent using it.

Prepare for Any Adventure

Whether you're planning an outing on the green grass with the family, a mountain getaway with friends, or simply want to give a special and personalized gift, The Picnic Grill from Valmix is the ideal choice. Not only will it accompany you on all your outdoor culinary adventures, but it will add a touch of originality and personalization to every event.