About Valmix Steel

Valmix Steel is a romanian production company, present on the Romanian market since 2007, initially having as its main object of activity the production and assembly of machinery in the milk processing industry.

Later developing the expertise in the execution of machines, equipment and technological routes for various branches of the manufacturing industry: milk, meat, fish, chocolate, confectionary and pastry, coffee, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, wine industry; the construction industry, But and of services: for restaurants, laundromats and cleaners, from advertising.

We also offer a varied range of Services: from consultant addressed to small and large processors who wish to access investment programs with own or external financing in the field of milk processing,  the design the technological routes from various industrial fields, of the equipment, machines, metallic garments that we produce, andinstallation and commissioning, machine maintenance and repairs, at services of: guillotine cutting, laser, welding (orbital, argon, electric,) metal profile bending, sheet rolling, pipe rolling, turning, milling, as well as other processing operations specific to the field of metal fabrications.

Experience and Professionalism of over 15 years

VALMIX STEEL grew and developed step by step with his clients.
Every CLIENT is important to us, we pay special attention to:

  • complying with the requirements of the received sketches and specifications;
  • assuming execution and production deadlines;
  • compliance with European production and hygiene standards and norms;
  • the quality of execution through the use of appropriate technologies and appropriate materials;

Valmix Projects

Every project is a challenge for us, we produce equipment, build innovative, unique technical solutions, at high standards of quality and performance, adapted to the various production needs of clients. The goal being to ensure optimal and long-term operation of the equipment produced and the services provided.

Respecting the Workbooks and Work Plans

Compliance with Production Standards and European Hygiene Norms

Satisfying Clients' Requirements by Understanding Their Desires

Compliance with all Execution and Production Deadlines

Quality of Works through Adequate Technologies and Materials

The story Valmix Steel

Every business has a beginning..


Every business has one beginning, for us it was the year 2007 when we thought it was time to bring our knowledge, perseverance, ambition, trust in well-made and reliable projects to the Romanian market, in order to become a strong team, whose goal is to satisfy everyone's production needs Client in part.


The company started as a producer...

The company started as a manufacturer of equipment specific to the milk processing industry, making Turnkey dairies in various geographical areas of the country. Over time, the completed works recommended and determined us to expand our activity as a producer in various branches of food, pharmaceutical, construction, advertising, laundry and cleaning services, making equipment, technological installations, various unique metallic confections, to order.

At present...

At present We we have implemented and maintain a functional Quality Management System SR EN ISO 9001:2015.

can offer today consultancy and design services of the production factories, regarding the needs of development of wine cellars, a sTRATEGY expansion of restaurants.

At present we have works done and equipment delivered to renowned CLIENTS in the dairy field, but also in other industrial fields.

We are waiting for you with your project...

We are waiting for you with your project, to be part of the Valmix story and to contribute together to the growth and development of each of us.

Our Team

WE a team ambitious, having as priority the development and continuous improvement of the technologies used, adaptable to the unique requests and needs of each Client. Every project is a challenge for us, and we want to find the right technical and financial solution for clients. We are attentive to details, involved in what we do, which recommends us as a partner reliable and future.

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specialization Valmix Steel

Equipment production, Realization of technological routes

  • production, assembly and commissioning of equipment and machinery made of stainless steel, intended for the processing of milk, chocolate, meat, wine, pharmaceutical products;
  • the production to order of the customized equipment necessary for equipping professional kitchens, restaurants;
  • technological routes stainless steel for the food, wine, pharmaceutical, chocolate industry.

Consulting services and design

Services of consultancy, design of dairies, technological routes from various industrial fields.
Advertising of industrial services and other processing operations specific to the field of metal garments.

We invite you to access the products and services section to find out more details, view the executed products, and convince yourself and decide to contact us.

Supplied Equipment

The equipment supplied is manufactured using the latest technologies, being in accordance with the standards imposed by the European Community, made with the help of the partners we have and the machines we own.
Our products are addressed both to large processors and to small and medium enterprises.

Supplied Services

We can perform services such as: guillotine cutting, laser, welding (orbital, argon, electric,) metal profile bending on ABKANT, sheet rolling, pipe rolling, turning, milling, drilling, sharpening.

By outsourcing with our partners, we can offer painting services in the electrostatic field upon request.

New! We offer consulting and design services to small processors who want to access investment programs in the field of milk processing.

technology innovation

We offer you the best technical solutions meeting the needs of clients from different industrial branches. The production hall is equipped with high-performance machinery and equipment, which lead to obtaining high-quality products and services.

Welding Equipment

Laser Cutting Equipment

Industrial Guillotine

Equipment Rolled Sheet

Abkandt Bending Equipment

Equipment Rolled Profiles

Electric Profile Cutting Saw

Lathe and Milling Equipment


VALMIX STEEL has implemented and maintains a SR EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Quality and Efficiency

For Valmix Steel, every project is unique. The projects ensure:


We carry out each project with a sense of responsibility.

Minimizing Costs

We design intelligently so that costs are kept to a minimum.

Production efficiency

We think about each project so that it is as efficient as possible.

Intelligent Resource Allocation

We use the resources in the optimal version for each project.

Partnerships Valmix Steel

We have works done and equipment delivered to RENOWNED CLIENTS in the dairy field but also in other industrial fields (meat, chocolate, detergents, pharmaceuticals, wines and fast food).

Some of our clients: AM International Production and Advertising Company SA; Agrozootehnica Ulmeni Srl; Aldis Srl; Alka Co Srl; All 4 Meat Activ Srl; American Restaurant System Sa – Pizza Hut; Brădet Srl - Bradet Lactate; California Fresh Flavors Srl-Taco Bell; Cinnamon Bake & Roll Srl; Eco-Ferm Srl; Chris-Tim; Enoprodis Engineering Srl; Erbalact SRL – Nucet – Monastiresti Bunatati; Factory Flash Production Srl; Fox Com Serv Srl – Fox; Heritage Advertising SRL; Infomed Fluids Srl; Invento Art Design SRL; Megabit Service SRL; Moulin Dor Srl-Patisseria Paul; Orkla Foods Romania Sa – LINCO; Pasteur – Filipesti Srl Branch; Slavia Pharm Srl; Sodinal SRL; Teletext Srl – Dairy Diami; Us Food Network SA – KFC, Cooperativa Agricola Agrolact Moldova, Antibiotice SA, Eco Ferm, Furniture Vision, Lantmannen Unibake Romania SA, ORKLA Foods Romania SA, Pepas 2000 – Cofetaria Alice.


A M International Companie De Productie Si Publicitate S.A.A M International Companie De Productie Si Publicitate S.A.
Aldis SrlAldis Srl
American Restaurant System Sa- Pizza HutAmerican Restaurant System Sa- Pizza Hut
All 4 Meat Activ SrlAll 4 Meat Activ Srl
Alka Co SrlAlka Co Srl
Brădet Srl- Lactate BradetBrădet Srl- Lactate Bradet
California Fresh Flavors Srl - Taco BellCalifornia Fresh Flavors Srl - Taco Bell
Eco-Ferm Srl - Cris-TimEco-Ferm Srl - Cris-Tim
Erbalact S.R.L.- Nucet-Bunatati ManastirestiErbalact S.R.L.- Nucet-Bunatati Manastiresti
Moulin Dor Srl-Patiseria PaulMoulin Dor Srl-Patiseria Paul
Us Food Network Sa - KFCUs Food Network Sa - KFC
Fox Com Serv Srl - FoxFox Com Serv Srl - Fox
Cooperativa Agricola Agrolact MoldovaCooperativa Agricola Agrolact Moldova
Fox Com Serv Srl - FoxFox Com Serv Srl - Fox
Antibiotice SAAntibiotice SA
Pepas 200 - Cofetaria AlicePepas 200 - Cofetaria Alice



We wanted a stainless steel outdoor kitchen, customized, which would be not only durable and functional, but also aesthetic, suitable for a modern design. The only difficulty was that of finding the executor capable and open to deviate from the patterns of industrial-type serial execution, but with perseverance and a little luck, the challenge was accepted by the Valmix team, and from that moment until the reception of the finished product everything went in a professional manner that is so rare. First of all, the collaboration was carried out from a distance, we providing only the sketches with the quotas and some technical requirements (soft-close closing systems, magnetic plinth) and the dances proposing optimization solutions. The furniture was made according to the final project, without any deviation and with care for the aesthetic details, delivered on time; the communication was clear, concise and serene. So simple and relaxing, at least for us, the customers :). Now, stainless steel furniture is the protagonist of the relaxation area with friends and delights us every time we use it, both with its appearance and with the story of the skilled and dedicated people who created it.
Georgiana P

Georgiana P

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Furniture
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