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VALMIX STEEL offers you a complete range of machinery and equipment for milk processing starting from the first phase of milk processing - reception of the milk and up to the packaging of the finished product. Among these we list: reception facility, storage pools, pasteurization valves, pasteurizers, milk homogenizers, milk curds, yogurt packaging machines, health, kefir, cream, PET bottle packaging machines, Glass type packaging machines, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, Ice-Water installations, machinery and pipe washing (CIP), etc.
In addition to specific equipment, we manufacture and sell additional equipment: work tables, shelves, cupboards, changing rooms, centrifugal pumps, self-absorbing pumps, viscous liquid transfer pumps, etc.

We can adapt the products our every requirement and we always find solutions to satisfy your requests.
We sell both machinery and equipment made in-house, as well as equipment manufactured by our collaborators.

The equipment corresponds to the norms imposed by the European Community.
Having a vast experience in the field, VALMIX STEEL designs and executes stainless steel technological routes for milk, for connecting the machines to: utilities (water, steam, etc.) and CIP washing installations.
Our company offers its customers in the dairy industry complete consulting, design, execution, assembly and commissioning services of machinery and equipment.

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