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We know how important time and quality are for each client's business.

That is why we take care to offer quality services to all partners who have need operations simple or complex, own or not sketches, execution plans, information additional information related to what they need.

We are here to perform operations of debiting to the guillotine, laser, welding (orbital, argon, electric, on various materials: stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum), bending metal profiles on ABKANT ,rolling sheet metal, pipe rolling, Woodturning, milling, drilling, as well as other processing operations specific to the field of metallic garments.

These services can be performed both with our material and the client's.

bringing him at our headquarters being your responsibility, of the rest WE take care of it.

So in the future we will become reliable partners contributing to business development each of us.

Servicii Prelucrare

Laser cutting

We offer you laser cutting services for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, made with the help of the new modern equipment purchased by our society, brand Bodor model C3 with 3 kW source.

It is a machine of high precision and speed with two interchangeable tables that will allow us to perform laser cutting services quickly and efficiently.

The dimensions of the work table are 1500x3000 mm, so we can cut parts with dimensions of max 1500x3000mm.

The types of materials we can charge are:

  1. Brass, copper, bronze plate - maximum cutting thickness 6 mm
  2. Aluminum sheet - maximum cutting thickness 8 mm
  3. 3. Stainless steel plate - maximum cutting thickness 10 mm
  4. Carbon steel plate - maximum cutting thickness 18 mm
  5. Galvanized - maximum cutting thickness 15 mm

We can provide laser cutting services for you through:

- the provision of the material by us or you can bring it yourself;

- we receive the drawings for the parts, the works you want to do and our specialists will calculate and send you an offer that will satisfy even the most demanding quality requirements.

The laser technology of the new machine allows us to cut materials in different forms with varied geometries, regardless of their complexity and dimensions.

benefit the advantage of this form of laser cutting is that the cuts made do not leave behind unsightly scratches, and the material keeps its intact quality. At the same time, the edges of the material remain smooth, the pieces made can be assembled immediately without being necessary anymore carrying out the finishing operations.

With the help of the high-performance equipment that we own, the debiting performed either with oxygen or with azote , we will charge your parts at the best price-quality ratio.

Our motto for you is: "We grow and develop together".

Through our partners, we can offer sheet metal cutting services for thicknesses up to max. 50 mm, using water jet cutting.

pRICE that we offer you are without competition, because we want you to find it in us The reliable partner on which to rely your business.

Servicii Prelucrare

Bending metal profiles on ABKANT

I purchased a high-performance equipment model Eco-Bend 3760-200, produced by Ermaksan, Turkey, capable of making precision and high quality bends.

The Eco-Bend bend offers safe, exact, dynamic bending and high rigidity.

The proportional valve technology of the hydraulic group ensures repeatable bending precision on the two cylinders, which helps us to obtain the same bending quality for a large batch of parts.

It is easy to use, having a high resolution 2D and 3D through a 17" touch screen, simple to configure and use, thus meeting the needs of the operator and shortening the execution time of your products, achieving in this way with great precision the desired dimensions and angles.

They can bend boards with thicknesses of maximum 6 mm and a maximum length of 3m. The equipment has an anti-bump system that allows the creation of perfectly linear profiles.

Servicii Prelucrare


By means of the rolling and bending machine at our disposal, we can realize various processing, semi-finished or finished products. The rolling process is carried out cold and is one of the most used in the processing of metals such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

We can provide:

  • sheet rolling services with thicknesses up to 3mm and widths up to 2 meters inclusive
  • pipe rolling/bending services, minimum rolling diameter: 500 mm, maximum pipe wall thickness: 3 mm.

We can roll ROUND pipe from DN 20 to DN 50, SQUARE pipe from 20X20mm to 40X40 MM

Servicii Prelucrare

Orbital welding, argon, electric

New! We offer orbital welding services from DN 22-DN 104

Orbital welding is a process by which end-to-end joints are made for high quality tubular elements recommended in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Orbital welding is performed automatically with the help of the welding equipment by the mechanical movement of the welding head towards the fixed welded joint. A special control system of the process parameters allows the realization of a joint characterized by constant geometry, regardless of the welding position. This process is used especially in the pharmaceutical industry, resulting in high quality welding cords.

Our company will be at your disposal PROVIDING MIG-MAG welding for resistance structures, and for structures that require fine welds we can execute TIG-VIG type welds.

Welding operations can be performed on various types of materials: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper.

Mechanical processing

We can also offer you services of mechanical processing of the various types of materials used in the metal clothing industry.

Turning, milling, drilling, threading, sharpening operations, as well as other specific processing operations.


  • Consultancy
  • Conception
  • projection
  • Realization of Subassemblies
  • fitting
  • Commissioning
  • Guarantee
  • Maintenance
  • serving



  • Electric welding
  • Argon welding
  • Aluminum welding
  • Copper welding


  • Stainless steel welding
  • Woodturning
  • Milling
  • Planing


  • Laser cutting
  • Cutting / Guillotine
  • Embossing / Abkant
  • rolling
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